Friday, December 11, 2015

Topic and Main Idea

The main idea of this article is stating that people didn't really care about the attack on Kenya, but did talk about the attack on Paris for about a month already.

The main idea of the first heading " Finding Out About Older Attack For The First Time" would be Several people quickly found an article on the attack written by the British broadcasting Corp. news device
Detail #1- Then, they passed the article on the other people. Soon, thousands and thousands of people had read the article.
Detail #2- Many people did not notice that the article was fist written on April 3, 2015.

Main Idea in the second heading is that peoples reaction about the attack in Paris and the attack on Kenya.
Detail #1- Hardly anyone mentioned the Beirut attack on Facebook and Twitter.
Detail #2- some people think the difference is unfair, even racist.

Main Idea in third heading is people are likely to care more about the places that they know to the places they might not even know that existed.
Detail #1- Natural that most Americans were most upset by the attack in Paris. Many Americans know Paris in a way they do not know Kenya and Beirut.
Detail #2- After all, Paris is a popular vacation place for Americans and other Westerns. 

Main Idea in the last heading(4) is that manny people really love Paris.
Detail #1- "Not manny people have traveled to Kenya or Beirut. For that reason it is understandable that Americans didn't react as much to the killings  in those places.
Detail #2- " It is that closeness to Paris that made so many Americans express their sadness an shock on Facebook and Twitter. It was almost as if a friend had died." 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Author's POV+Purpose

1.) What is the author's point of view?
The author's point of view is describing how we should treat the same terror that happened in other place that we know . One piece of evidence is 'Then suddenly a story about another terror attack popped up online. This time the attack was in Kenya." Another evidence is that "147 dead in terrorist attack on Kenya college," actress Bex Taylor-Klaus wrote. Several people quickly found an article on the attack written by the British Broadcasting service. It was first published more than seven months ago, on April 3 2015." The last evidence is that " It is perhaps only natural that most Americans were more upset by the attack in Paris. Many Americans know Paris in a way they do not know Kenya and Beirut. Not many Americans have traveled to Kenya or Beirut. For that reason it is understandable that Americans did not react as much to the killings in those places."

2.) Do you agree or disagree with the author's point of view? Why?
I agree with the other because this is our world and we all love in it, so we need to care of places and people equally.

3.) What is the author's purpose?
The author's purpose is to inform about how people care more about other places that they attacked or that they know, than the attack on other places that we don't know and don't really care for the majority of people. "People are more likely to care when terrible things happen to people and places to which they feel close."

Friday, November 13, 2015

Exciting Moment

     The most exciting moment on my book "The Lake of Secrets" by Lael Littke, was when Carlene was at Jonathan's unfinished house, and Luke appeared and just grabbed her hand. Carlene was expecting Luke to apologize from what had happened earlier that day.They were all really comfortable sitting around drinking some water, when Carlene started telling them about vision she had about the past. Luke didn't want to believe that maybe Carlene had once been her grandmother. Luke went out of Jonathan's house mad, holding J.P.'s hand. It hurt Carlene that Luke didn't turned around to see if Carlene was following. Carlene wanted to find out more things about her lost brother, Keith. After her mom was, at least thought, she was asleep she went to Jonathan's house again. She was asking many things, when Luke came and grabbed both Carlene's hands. She was expecting him to apologize from what he had done earlier in the afternoon, but instead he said "Carlene your mother has been hurt." From right there I think her mom won't die because she really wants to find what had happen to her son, Keith. I think Carlene would now understand what it feels to feel someone you love will go, so she would now do anything she could to help her mom (now that her mom may not be able to do anything).

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sensory Lenguage

On the book Lake of Secrets it says, " In fact, the whole place was quiet and deserted as an office." This makes the book more interesting by making it more suspicious, and scary, and making me think the people in there getting a weird feeling.

" I remember how she'd looked on the way back to the newspaper office. As she were in another world, one filled with with hope and the possibility that she and Keith will be reunited." This means she was not paying attention to other things around he, and her mind was just focused on that single idea.

" Mariah was standing silently beside me." This means that she was maybe thinking of another thing, or many things were on her mind and couldn't concentrate on that specific thing that was happening.

Monday, November 2, 2015

First post summary

       Lake of Secrets is a book that talks about a girls life on having to support hearing her mom always talking about her brother that disappeared 15 years ago. Carlene lives with her mom, on her grandmother's house at Arletta.  Carlene and her mom now have come to Lake Isadora to find more clues, or evidence of what may had happen to her brother. When they were unpacking all there stuff at a close motel, Carlene's mom found a past friend working at that same motel. They were talking about all their past memories, when all of a sudden they started talking about Keith, Carlene's missing brother. carlene felt like she had already heard a lot about it, so she decided to go walk around the town. Mariah, Carlene's mom friend, thought that it will be a great idea for her son, J.P, go with Carlene and show her the little town.