Friday, November 13, 2015

Exciting Moment

     The most exciting moment on my book "The Lake of Secrets" by Lael Littke, was when Carlene was at Jonathan's unfinished house, and Luke appeared and just grabbed her hand. Carlene was expecting Luke to apologize from what had happened earlier that day.They were all really comfortable sitting around drinking some water, when Carlene started telling them about vision she had about the past. Luke didn't want to believe that maybe Carlene had once been her grandmother. Luke went out of Jonathan's house mad, holding J.P.'s hand. It hurt Carlene that Luke didn't turned around to see if Carlene was following. Carlene wanted to find out more things about her lost brother, Keith. After her mom was, at least thought, she was asleep she went to Jonathan's house again. She was asking many things, when Luke came and grabbed both Carlene's hands. She was expecting him to apologize from what he had done earlier in the afternoon, but instead he said "Carlene your mother has been hurt." From right there I think her mom won't die because she really wants to find what had happen to her son, Keith. I think Carlene would now understand what it feels to feel someone you love will go, so she would now do anything she could to help her mom (now that her mom may not be able to do anything).

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