Monday, November 2, 2015

First post summary

       Lake of Secrets is a book that talks about a girls life on having to support hearing her mom always talking about her brother that disappeared 15 years ago. Carlene lives with her mom, on her grandmother's house at Arletta.  Carlene and her mom now have come to Lake Isadora to find more clues, or evidence of what may had happen to her brother. When they were unpacking all there stuff at a close motel, Carlene's mom found a past friend working at that same motel. They were talking about all their past memories, when all of a sudden they started talking about Keith, Carlene's missing brother. carlene felt like she had already heard a lot about it, so she decided to go walk around the town. Mariah, Carlene's mom friend, thought that it will be a great idea for her son, J.P, go with Carlene and show her the little town.

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