Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

     During pre-k I remember that I had been practicing to make circles. I had no idea how they were called, or how you needed to make them. Teachers started giving me a sheet they told me to do anything I wanted to I did. When I was drawing I remember that I was really happy with my drawing. The teacher said that it was going to be a present for Mother's Day. The same I didn't knew what they meant. They started saying things about when they were children. One teacher said that they would go home happy by getting a good grade in a test (I also didn't knew what a test meant). When they got home they would show it to her mom. Her mom had others things to do, work, take care of her other kids, so she didn't pay attention to her. After other teachers telling their stories, they said they were going to show us we would most like and never regret in our life.
      We started by doing lines. We then had to make another line but it was crooked pointing to the right, then another line pointing to the left. Then a straight line. They told us to connect them all. We then did a circle. Then a gain all the steps with all the lines. When we were doing the letters, that's how they called them, teachers were going around saying how to do them and how they were said, and all the different sounds they would make. When a kid was done they would come and say that the word says mom. That's when I remember that that was the first word I knew and what I called out when I was crying, hungry, sad, or just happy. My mom. I knew that I would never forget how to write that word. Going home I that day I had given y card to my mom. Even though it only had 1 word, she was really happy.

     2 years after I went to kindergarden. When it was first day of kindergarden the first thing they told us to do was to learn to write our name. They showed us the alphabet first 2 weeks. Then it was starting to write our name. During those 2 weeks they started to give us sheets and then do them with our parents for homework. I will do them at around 4, then my mom will read me a book. The book that I would always want my mom to read to me was a book that talked about little pig going to her mom every time she would be sad.

     Getting out of kindergarden we knew all the alphabet and knew how to write our name, and know all the number from 1 -100. The first person to know all those numbers was Beverly. Next in 1st grade we started reading books.  Without learning how to read and write I truly don't know how life would be.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Night john illiterate


     If I was illiterate I would not be able to read warnings in many places like in bathrooms, or if the place require you to be a certain age. Something bad might happen if you don't read instruction in some labels in stores, or any other place that will be dangerous for any type of thing. It will be different because you will not be able to texts any of your friends, or ask them anything by using texts. You most likely will not be able to use any social media that is available. I could not be able to do homework.  I will be most likely be bullied. I will not be able to help people that ask for help. I think this will be things that will probably happen if I was illiterate.

Friday, March 18, 2016


     Branch Rickey wanted to make a noble experiment, to make equality in baseball. Branch Rickey was the president of the Dodgers. When they were going to stay at a hotel they didn't let Charley Thomas stay because of his color. After this happened Charley Thomas was scratching his hand, when Branch see this he felt bad, which leaded him to trying this new experiment. He wanted to have a player that will not fight back against anyone else. He wanted a player that will not hold on to any grudges by what was being done to him. Wendell Smith, a news reporter, told Mr.Rickey that Jackie Robinson could be good enough to play in major leagues. After Jackie and Branch meet up, Branch is questioning Jackie to see if he can take all the abuse that will be given to him. In the end Jackie accepts the challenge.

Friday, March 4, 2016


     The conflict of the book " I Need My Monster" is that Ethan wanted his original monster, Gabe, that went fishing. He kept him in bed because of the scary physical features that he had like the long nails, the his spiked tail, and his loud snoring. Ethan wanted a monster that will be as scary as Gabe. That night 4 monsters appeared. They had long nails, but 2 of the monsters were girls. No monster seem good for Ethan. The the 5th monster was Gabe. Ethan finally went to sleep since he didn't had the courage to get out of bed. The theme of this story is that no one can replace your friends.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Paper Reflection

     On my research paper I think I felt comfortable with most of the writing. While doing my research paper I did had trouble with finding some resources. It had some resources, but didn't seemed really reliable. When I had found a reliable source it was a little hard to understand/ separate the main ideas. It sometimes had combined a physical feature with the main idea of diet, but overall it was good. I was really confident when writing the main ideas, especially when I had many supporting details. My goal for next writing assignment is to do better in finding more than 3 reliable resources, and do better in differing the main ideas, trying to figure what detail belongs to what main idea.

Friday, January 29, 2016



Physical Features

  • Eyes on top of body
  • Attack with venom= released with tail
  • Gill slits + mouth=underbelly

Stingrays figure/body is really interesting to learn. Stingrays eyes are on top of it's flat top body. They have many ways to protect themselves, like attacking their opponent with venom released from their tail. They have their mouth and their gill slits, openings to gills, underbelly. (Pets on me.me)

Monday, January 11, 2016


Name of article: Hey You! Wake Up!

Step 1: Notes

  • 2 systems for sleep
  • longer awake=more sleep
  • 24 hour cycle =when to sleep
Step 2: Paraphrasing
     In our brain there are 2 different sleeping patterns. One of the systems describes to your brain that the longer you are awake, the longer you have to sleep. Second system tells the "24 hour cycle." You get used to when you have to sleep, or when you have to be awake, this can affect when you are on other places and the time is not the same as the one you are used to. You can sleep at the time of over there, and wake up at the time of your home.

Step 1:Notes
  • Lack of sleep=cells die
  • Teens don't get many sleep
  • affects teens have bad mood
  • depression
  • low-self esteem 
  • bad grades
  • affects adults in health, job, mood
Step 2: Paraphrasing
     Having lack of sleep kills brain cells. Teens this days don't get many sleep affecting them on having "bad mood, depression, low-self esteem, in school having bad grades, sports, injuries, and anxiety." Adults also get damage in health, character, and business.