Friday, January 29, 2016



Physical Features

  • Eyes on top of body
  • Attack with venom= released with tail
  • Gill slits + mouth=underbelly

Stingrays figure/body is really interesting to learn. Stingrays eyes are on top of it's flat top body. They have many ways to protect themselves, like attacking their opponent with venom released from their tail. They have their mouth and their gill slits, openings to gills, underbelly. (Pets on

Monday, January 11, 2016


Name of article: Hey You! Wake Up!

Step 1: Notes

  • 2 systems for sleep
  • longer awake=more sleep
  • 24 hour cycle =when to sleep
Step 2: Paraphrasing
     In our brain there are 2 different sleeping patterns. One of the systems describes to your brain that the longer you are awake, the longer you have to sleep. Second system tells the "24 hour cycle." You get used to when you have to sleep, or when you have to be awake, this can affect when you are on other places and the time is not the same as the one you are used to. You can sleep at the time of over there, and wake up at the time of your home.

Step 1:Notes
  • Lack of sleep=cells die
  • Teens don't get many sleep
  • affects teens have bad mood
  • depression
  • low-self esteem 
  • bad grades
  • affects adults in health, job, mood
Step 2: Paraphrasing
     Having lack of sleep kills brain cells. Teens this days don't get many sleep affecting them on having "bad mood, depression, low-self esteem, in school having bad grades, sports, injuries, and anxiety." Adults also get damage in health, character, and business.