Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Literacy History

     During pre-k I remember that I had been practicing to make circles. I had no idea how they were called, or how you needed to make them. Teachers started giving me a sheet they told me to do anything I wanted to I did. When I was drawing I remember that I was really happy with my drawing. The teacher said that it was going to be a present for Mother's Day. The same I didn't knew what they meant. They started saying things about when they were children. One teacher said that they would go home happy by getting a good grade in a test (I also didn't knew what a test meant). When they got home they would show it to her mom. Her mom had others things to do, work, take care of her other kids, so she didn't pay attention to her. After other teachers telling their stories, they said they were going to show us we would most like and never regret in our life.
      We started by doing lines. We then had to make another line but it was crooked pointing to the right, then another line pointing to the left. Then a straight line. They told us to connect them all. We then did a circle. Then a gain all the steps with all the lines. When we were doing the letters, that's how they called them, teachers were going around saying how to do them and how they were said, and all the different sounds they would make. When a kid was done they would come and say that the word says mom. That's when I remember that that was the first word I knew and what I called out when I was crying, hungry, sad, or just happy. My mom. I knew that I would never forget how to write that word. Going home I that day I had given y card to my mom. Even though it only had 1 word, she was really happy.

     2 years after I went to kindergarden. When it was first day of kindergarden the first thing they told us to do was to learn to write our name. They showed us the alphabet first 2 weeks. Then it was starting to write our name. During those 2 weeks they started to give us sheets and then do them with our parents for homework. I will do them at around 4, then my mom will read me a book. The book that I would always want my mom to read to me was a book that talked about little pig going to her mom every time she would be sad.

     Getting out of kindergarden we knew all the alphabet and knew how to write our name, and know all the number from 1 -100. The first person to know all those numbers was Beverly. Next in 1st grade we started reading books.  Without learning how to read and write I truly don't know how life would be.

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